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Abortion Pills in Namibia / Is Abortion Legal in Namibia?

Abortion is illegal in Namibia and it attracts a prison sentence if caught performing it. Despite this fact thousands of women go through abortion allover Namibia every year using all kinds of ways some of which are life threatening.

Error in Making Abortion Illegal in Namibia

It is wrong to make abortion illegal in Namibia because it does not stop it, it just drives it under ground making it very dangerous to women. Abortion is essential because women have very many reasons why they do not want to go through with the pregnancy. Women in Namibia perform abortion because they are not ready to raise children (they are young), some are in economic limbo (have money problems), others perform abortion because they are pregnant due to incest, rape and many other reasons. It is therefore a service that women truly need in Namibia. Unfortunately due to the legal regime in Nambia it is extremely difficult to get proper abortion.

Solution to get Safe Abortion in Namibia:

But there is a way around this problem and this is through doing medical abortion. Medical abortion is the cheapest and safest way to do abortion even in the privacy of your home. This method is through getting abortion pills and following instructions deligently. When you do this you will be able to terminate your pregnancy safely and cheaply.

Problem of Getting Abortion Pills in Namibia:

It is difficult to get the right abortion pills in Namibia because as mentioned above it is illegal. Many women have fallen prey to wrong people in Namibia who take their money and do not give them the right pills. Sometimes if women get the right pills they do not know the correct procedure to use them making the procedure fail. The end result is being out of money without being able to terminate safely.

It is therefore imperative to get the right people to give you the right pills.

Getting the Right Abortion Pills in Namibia

This where we come in to help you. Get the right pills from Women's Choice in South Africa. They will courier to you the right pills with the proper usage instructions and you will be able to terminate safely.

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