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What is an abortion pill?

Abortion pills or abortion tablets are designed to bring on an abortion for a woman who is less than 13 weeks pregnant (that is less than 13 weeks since her last period). They are designed to be used in abortion clinics. When a woman attends an abortion clinic, her medical history is taken (for example does she take any medicines, or have any other illness that may be affected by these tablets). Any risk factors (such as an increased likelihood of excessive bleeding) are identified to make sure that the abortion pills would be suitable for her. The clinic will also confirm that the pregnancy is an ongoing single embryo, less than nine weeks’ size, and that it is located in the womb. If the pregnancy does not fit into this category (for example a tubal/ectopic pregnancy, or a pregnancy of more than 13 weeks’ size) it would be unsafe for the abortion clinic to prescribe the abortion tablets. In such a situation the abortion clinic would discuss alternative methods of abortion. If suitable, the woman takes the pills, with a certain time-interval between doses, if she wishes to bring on an abortion.

You should not take the abortion pill if:

The abortion pill may not be right for all women. The following women should not take the abortion pill:

1. If you are in the 2nd trimester - after 13 weeks.
2. Have a known or suspected molar pregnancy — one in which the placenta develops abnormally
3. Have severe adrenal gland, heart, kidney, or liver problems
4. Take any medicine that should not be combined with the medications used in medication abortion — mifepristone or misoprostol
5. Take anti-clotting medication or have a blood-clotting disorder
6. Currently have an IUD. You will need to have it removed before having a medication abortion.
7. Talk with your health care provider to find out if medication abortion is likely to be safe for you. If medication abortion isn't right for you, don't worry. Another abortion method is likely to be safe for you.

More than half of women abort within four or five hours after taking the medicine. For others, it takes longer. But most women abort within a few hours.

It's normal to have some bleeding or spotting for up to four weeks after the abortion. Only use pads for bleeding after an abortion.

How Does Medication Abortion Feel (Abortion from the tablet)?

(a) For most women, medication abortion is like an early miscarriage. It is normal for you to have bleeding and cramping. You might also
(b) feel dizzy
(c) feel strong cramps
(d)feel nauseous or vomit
(e) have diarrhea
(f)feel temporary abdominal pain
(g) have temporary mild fever or chills
Acetaminophen (like Tylenol) or ibuprofen (like Advil) can reduce most of these symptoms. Do NOT take aspirin.

You may feel more at ease if you have a trusted loved one with you during the abortion.

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