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Is abortion pill available in South Africa?

Yes abortion pills are readily available in South Africa. There several types of abortion pills in South Africa all of them work effectively. Some abortion pills such as Mifepristone are quite expensive and not affordable by average women and there is also misoprostol which is within reach. But the choice is actually yours. You will be able to get the abortion pills that you are looking for in South Africa easily.

Where to get abortion pill in south africa

Abortion pills in South Africa

Pills are available at your GP's. They are also available in public hospitals and also private hospitals and clinics and online. Most abortion pills are also available in pharmacies as they are used to treat several other conditions other than terminate pregnancies. The only difficulty is that you can not get the pills from the pharmacy without a prescription. And no doctor will give you a prescription to buy an abortion pill from the pharmacy. So, the only way you will get the abortion pill in SOuth Africa is at the clinic or hospital. You can contact us and we shall point to where you will get help easily and quickly.

Can a GP prescribe the abortion pill in south africa

Can the GP can prescribe an abortion pill for you? No, the GP will have abortion pills in stock if he does termination of pregnacy and will dispense the abortion pill to you. Abortion pills are highly controlled and therefore a GP can not give you a prescription but can get you the abortion pills. If a GP is doing termination of pregnancy they will in all likelihood have the abortion pill in stock.

Where can you buy the abortion pill in south africa

As alluded to you ealier it will be at your GP, termination clinics and hospitals both public and private. You are also able to get the right abortion pills online in South Africa. It is not difficult at all to get the right abortion pills in South Africa. You just have to know what you are looking for and you are done.

Pharmacies selling abortion pills in south africa

You are not going to get an abortion pill at any pharmacy in South Africa, atleast not easily. The reason is that pharmacies have rules and regulations that control what they do and abortion pills are highly controlled medication. So it is impossible to get to any major pharmacy and call for abortion pills and get them. That is not going to happen.

But abortion pills are available at termination clinics, GP's and online. You will be able to easily get the pills if you are looking for them.

How much does abortion pill cost in south africa

Abortion pills are different types and they are for different prices. Misoprostol is the cheapest and Mifepristone is quite pricey. There other abortion pills. Some pills are take in a combination and others it is a dose. The dose is not one size fits all. So the dose you get will also determine the price. How far are you into your pregnancy will also determine what you pay and also where you get the pills.

So it is difficult to tell you the exact price of abortion pills. One thing is that you can get them affordably from R500 up or so you will be able to get the right pills. Any thing less than that comes with a risk of being fake or small dose. Just know what you are buying and you should be OK.

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