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Same Day Abortion Pill

Most abortion pills will work on the day you take them. But if you take a combination of pills that is when it may take you around two days to terminate.

Types of Termination Pills:

There are several types of termination pills:

1. Methotraxate

This medicine was developed to treat cancer. It was discovered that it can also lead to termination of pregnancy.

It is used mostly with ectopic pregnancies. That is pregnancies that are developing in the fallopian tubes. As in cancer treatment it stops the cells that are multiplying to form baby from doing so. Within a few days receiving this medication the pregnancy ends similar to a miscarriage.

This medication is not advisable as it is highly toxic. It has severe side effects. It suppresses your immune system, therefore leading to high risk of infections. It can lead to breakdown of the skin inside the mouth. It can lead to liver disease. It can lead to lung disease and lymphoma. It can also lead to severe skin rashes. But these side effects are rare if one dose is administered and one dose is all that is necessary to end a pregnancy.

With all other medicines on the market this medication to end a pregnancy should be best avoided.

In the event of an ectopic pregnancy, surgery would be a better alternative. In actual fact if a hospital has access to this drug then it has access to doctors that can perform surgery of an ectopic pregnancy.

2. Mifegymiso:

This one medicine with a combination of two medicines. That is mifepristone and misoprotol. Mifepristone works by cutting off nutrients to the pregnancy tissue, wherease misoprostol works by making contractions in the the uterus that leads to the expulsion of pregnancy tissue from the womb.


Mifegymiso is very effective up to 49 days.

3. Mifepristone


It is otherwise known as RU - 486. It is commonly used as the first termination medicine especially in the United Sates. This pill cuts off nutrients to the pregnancy tissue. The moment that is done the pregnancy tissue can not develop further. This triggers your menstrual cycle and you pass the pregnancy tissue.

4. Misoprostol

It was originally designed to assist with ulcer patients. Misoprotol controls the acid in the stomach and protects the stomach lining from getting in contact with the acid formed in the stomach.


During usage with ulcer parents it was discovered that this pill is also extremely effective in terminating early pregnancies. It leads to contraction of the uterus and opening of the cervix expelling the contents of the uterus.

It is an extremely effective pill in termination of pregnancies andit is used for even women who want to give birth pre-term. If you go to a hospital and you can not continue with your pregnancy say at 8 months you will be given this pill to induce early birth. If it fails the surgery is performed. It often succeeds.

5. Misoclear

Misoclear is a high quality, effective and proven misoprostol that offers safe and effective treatment for preventing heavy bleeding after childbirth, completing an incomplete abortion or miscarriage, and early medical abortion.


As you can see Misoclear is just another name for Misoprostol. In actual fact Misoprostol has so may names. It all depends on where it is manufactured from. Every generic brand has a different name but the chemical content is the same and the efficacy is the same.

Cheapest Abortion Pill Cost

The cheapest abortion pill is Misoprostol and it is also the most available. The price of this pill depends on where you get it from and the dose. It is not one dose fits all. The dosage all also depends on person to person. Some people terminate quickly and easily others do not. Your doctor will give you a dose depending on how far you are and you may use all of it or you may not.

One other important thing is that early pregnancies are terminated with a small dose. If you wait the dose increases and the price will equally increase. One thing for sure is that ordinarilly 2 pills of misoprostol are very few for most women. The minimum number of pills that may help you are 4 going upwards depending on the duration of your pregnancy.


There many types of Abortion pills. They are all very effective in terminating pregnancies, especially early pregnancies. Below is information about people who should not take this medication.

Do not take this medication if you:

  • are allergic to mifepristone, misoprostol, or any ingredients of the medication
  • have an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy developing outside of the uterus)
  • have an intrauterine device (IUD) in place
  • do not know exactly how far you are into your pregnancy
  • have chronic adrenal failure
  • are taking long-term corticosteroids
  • have a bleeding disorder
  • are taking medications to prevent blood clots
  • have inherited porphyria - a rare hereditary disease.
  • have uncontrolled asthma.

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